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People are dying in your community waiting for an ambulance

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Why people are dying waiting for an ambulance

Lack of Funding

EMS does not receive sufficient reimbursement from the State, especially for medicaid transport.  This leads to EMS being unable to pay living wages and becoming reliant on volunteers. 

Drop in Volunteers

Not enough people are volunteering and the people who are volunteering are suffering burnout and mental health issues connected to the high demand of the job.

Current EMS staff and volunteers are suffering severe burnout, depression, and PTSD due to increasingly long hours and inability to help all incoming emergency calls

The problem is twice as bad in rural NY

Many rural hospitals and clinics are closing, leaving the community entirely dependent on local EMS to transport patients to far-away hospitals.

When local EMS closes, the community is completely vulnerable.

In addition, rural regions generally have lower quality of health compared to metropolitan and suburban regions – thus, there is a higher need for EMS in rural communities.

Impact to your community

  • EMS agencies are closing, leaving your community vulnerable
  • EMS agencies do not have enough money to keep ambulances and technology up to date and working
  • People in your community are waiting longer than the standard 8-minute response time, leading to irreversible damage and even death, particularly in rural regions

2019 data from two rural counties in upstate New York State, on average:

  • What is the longest time for an ambulance to get enroute to a call? 
    34.4 minutes
  • What is the longest response time (i.e. the time it takes the ambulance to get to the scene)? 62.47 minutes
  • How often did patients wait more than 15 minutes for an ambulance?  28.5% of the time
  • How often did it take more than 10 minutes to get an ambulance enroute? 31% of the time
  • How often was more than one transporting ambulance dispatched? (due to lack of response) 28.5% of the time

Take Action 

Help save your community by supporting EMS

Ask Legislators to fight for EMS

The entire emergency medical services system in New York State will collapse within 5 years if they don’t receive better funding. Ask your legislator to fight for an increase in reimbursement rates. 

Volunteer for your local EMS

Volunteers serve in many capacities including: driver, crew chief, public relations, training, fundraising, and administrative support. Support your local community by becomming a volunteer today. 

Donate to your local EMS

Please consider showing support to your local EMS provider and the hard working EMTs that are dedicating their time to keep your community alive.