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Coming Spring 2020
NYSEMTA promotes and assists members and member rescue squads in improving pre-hospital care in New York State.
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NYSEMTA shall help its members by:


Promoting and advancing ideals of organized emergency medical services, at all levels, throughout New York State
Promoting and providing standardized training and materials for all levels of education of emergency medical and rescue personnel
Improving communications and liaisons between agencies
Promoting legislation beneficial to pre-hospital providers
Providing management and assistance services
Promoting and supporting a code of high ethical standard among emergency medical service personnel

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Monthly Webinars with Professionals Throughout NYS

What we do

NYSEMTA Objectives

  • Promote the ideas of organized Emergency Medical Services throughout the State of New York, and,

  • Promote and assist in the establishment and training of all levels of Emergency Medical Services organizations; and,

  • Promote safe and innovative advances in Emergency Medical Services and patient care techniques so as to better serve the citizens of New York State; and,

  • Function as the “Voice for EMS” throughout New York State and advocate on the legislative level on behalf of the organization and its membership.

  • Stay abreast of, and inform its membership of legislation and regulation changes affecting Emergency Medical Services on the state and national level; and,

  • Promote and encourage high ethical standards among Emergency Medical Services personnel; and,

  • Encourage and promote a harmonious spirit of kinship among Emergency Medical Services personnel and others devoted to the cause of saving life and aiding the sick and injured; and,

  • Promote the general welfare of the members and squads of the Association; and,

  • Communicate with organizations, governmental agencies and commissions whose objectives are accident prevention, safety education, rescue and/or patient care related; and, to cooperate with these bodies to the extent that their efforts benefit the Association’s membership; and,

  • Bring all organizations together in a common organization.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

NYSEMTA shall promote and assist members and member rescue squads in improving pre-hospital care in New York State.  Pre-hospital care shall mean providing rescue functions and rendering of emergency care for patients outside the hospital.

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